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The effects of azaperone, a sedative neuroleptic of the butyrophenone series, on dominant-subordinate behaviour in wistar rats competing for food.

The effects of azaperone, a sedative neuroleptic of the butyrophenone series with outstanding anti-aggressive and anti-shock activity on dominant-subordinate relationship in pairs of rats, competing for food, are described. Treating the dominant rat of a pair with azaperone, a dose related weakening (at 0.16 and 0.31 mg/kg) and reversal (at 0.63 mg/kg and above) of the initial strong dominant-subordinate relationship is demonstratedmat 5 mg/kg the dominant-subordinate reversal is complete until the end of the test session. Dominant-subordinate relationships are modified by azaperone at doses far below those inducing gross behavioural changes. The present results point at a normalizing effect of azaperone on social interaction through inhibition of aggressive responsiveness.[1]


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