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Rats, Wistar

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  • The effect of vanadate on blood glucose and cardiac performance was assessed in female Wistar rats 6 weeks after they were made diabetic with streptozotocin [11].
  • In male Wistar rats subjected to dietary restriction by alternate days of feeding and fasting the normal age-associated loss of striatal dopamine receptors in the brain was substantially retarded [12].
  • Male Wistar rats were anesthetized with Nembutal and were intravenously injected with 1 mg/kg of F(ab')2 or Fab fraction of either monoclonal antibody 5I2, which inhibits the function of rat counterpart of mouse Crry/p65, or monoclonal antibody 6D1, which inhibits the rat counterpart of CD59 [13].
  • Mannitol infusion in anesthetized Wistar rats resulted in an increase in urine volume, GFR, and microalbuminuria, and was also accompanied by a marked reduction in editing [14].
  • Experiments were performed in Wistar rats after 1 week of streptozotocin diabetes [15].

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