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Cizolirtine. Laboratorios Dr Esteve.

Cizolirtine is a centrally-acting analgesic that is under development by Esteve for the potential treatment of pain [171179]. In March 2001, phase II and III trials in the US and Europe were ongoing [404223]. Its mechanism of action is based on the inhibition of substance P and calcitonin gene-related peptide release at the spinal cord level [404223] but this has not yet been fully confirmed. Cizolirtine does not produce gastrointestinal lesions or depress respiration [388894], however, it does exhibit antipyretic activity in animal models [260611], [388894]. The compound was disclosed in EP-00289380, published by Esteve in 1988. A method of resolving the racemic compound has also been claimed in WO-09902500.[1]


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