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Vsx1, a rapidly evolving paired-like homeobox gene expressed in cone bipolar cells.

The paired-like homeodomain (HD) protein Chx10 is distinguished by the presence of the CVC domain, a conserved 56 amino acid sequence C-terminal to the HD. In mammals, Chx10 is essential both for the proliferation of retinal progenitor cells and for the formation or survival of retinal bipolar interneurons. We describe the cloning and characterization of a mouse Chx10 homologue, Vsx1; phylogenetic analysis suggests that Vsx1 and its putative vertebrate orthologues have evolved rapidly. Vsx1 expression in the adult is predominantly retinal. Whereas Chx10 is expressed both in retinal progenitors in the developing eye and apparently in all bipolar cells of the mature retina, Vsx1 expression is first detected in the eye at postnatal day 5, where it is restricted to cone bipolar cells.[1]


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