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Effects of D-mannoheptulose upon D-glucose metabolism in pancreatic B and non-B islet cells.

D-mannoheptulose was recently proposed to be transported into cells mainly at the intervention of GLUT2. In the present study, the heptose (10 mM) decreased the steady state content of dispersed rat pancreatic islet cells in D-[U-(14)C]glucose, and inhibited to a greater relative extent the utilization of D-[5-(3)H]glucose, the oxidation of D-[U-(14)C]-glucose and its conversion to radioactive amino acid when the dispersed islet cells were incubated at 16.7 mM rather than 2.8 mM D-glucose. A comparable situation was found in purified islet B-cells, whereas D-mannoheptulose only exerted minor to negligible effects upon the metabolism of D-glucose in non-B islet cells. This coincided with a much higher uptake of D-[(3)H]mannoheptulose by B, as distinct from non-B, islet cells. These findings indicate that the unexpectedly greater relative inhibitory action of D-mannoheptulose upon D-glucose metabolism by isolated islets (or dispersed islet cells) observed at high rather than low hexose concentration cannot be accounted for solely by differences in the relative contribution of non-B cells to total D-glucose metabolism by islets incubated at increasing concentrations of D-glucose. A comparable metabolic response to D-mannoheptulose is indeed observed in purified B cells. It could be attributable, in part at least, to D-glucose and D-mannoheptulose countertransport, resulting inter alia in a greater net uptake of the heptose by B cells exposed to a high concentration of the hexose.[1]


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