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The T-box factor MLS-1 acts as a molecular switch during specification of nonstriated muscle in C. elegans.

We have isolated mutations in a gene mls-1 that is required for proper specification of nonstriated muscle fates in Caenorhabditis elegans. Loss of MLS-1 activity causes uterine muscle precursors to forego their normal fates, instead differentiating as vulval muscles. We have cloned mls-1 and shown that the product is a member of the T-box family of transcriptional regulators. MLS-1 acts as a cell fate determinant in that ectopic expression can transform other cell types to uterine muscle precursors. Uterine muscle patterning is executed by regulation of MLS-1 at several different levels. The mls-1 promoter is activated by the C. elegans orthologs of Twist and Daughterless, but is only active in a subset of the lineage where these two transcription factors are present. mls-1 activity also appears to be regulated by posttranscriptional processes, as expression occurs in both uterine and vulval muscle precursors.[1]


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