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Gene Review

tbx-38  -  Protein TBX-38

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on T-box

  • Here we report that, through its guanylate kinase domain, CASK interacts with Tbr-1, a T-box transcription factor that is involved in forebrain development [1].
  • We have cloned mls-1 and shown that the product is a member of the T-box family of transcriptional regulators [2].
  • Caenorhabditis elegans mab-9 mutants are defective in hindgut and male tail development because of cell fate transformations in two posterior blast cells, B and F. We have cloned mab-9 and show that it encodes a member of the T-box family of transcriptional regulators [3].
  • We report that the MED-1,2 target gene tbx-35, which encodes a T-box transcription factor, specifies the MS fate [4].
  • Specification of the C. elegans MS blastomere by the T-box factor TBX-35 [4].

Biological context of T-box


Anatomical context of T-box


Regulatory relationships of T-box

  • We further show that vab-7 itself represses the T-box gene mab-9 in posterior cells [6].
  • Here we show the signal includes discrete, trans-acting autosomal signal elements (ASEs) that counter XSEs to coordinately control both sex determination and dosage compensation. sea-1, the first autosomal signal element, encodes a T-box transcription factor that opposes XSEs by activating transcription of xol-1 [11].

Other interactions of T-box

  • In the absence of tbx-2 function, ABa-derived cells initiate development normally: they receive glp-1/Notch signaling cues, activate the T-box gene TBX-38 and express the organ selector gene PHA-4/FoxA [5].
  • In addition, a third T-box gene, tbx-30, acts to repress vab-7 expression in the anterior of embryos [6].
  • A pair of homologous T-box transcription factors (tbx-8 and tbx-9) is found to interact in both C. elegans and C. briggsae, indicating that their compensatory function is conserved [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of T-box

  • The human PCR product showed 89% DNA sequence identity and 100% peptide sequence identity to the corresponding T-box segment of Mm-Tbx2 [13].


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