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Genotoxicity of N-nitrosodicyclohexylamine in V79 cells in the sister chromatid exchange test and the single cell gel assay.

Dicyclohexylaminexnitrite is used in chemical formulations as an anti-corrosion agent. N-Nitrosodicyclohexylamine (N-NO-DCHA) can be formed by nitrosation from dicyclohexylamine during the application of these formulations. As most of the nitrosamines are genotoxic carcinogens, the genotoxic potential of N-NO-DCHA was investigated in V79 Chinese hamster cells in the single cell gel assay and the sister chromatid exchange (SCE) test. In addition, N-NO-DCHA cytotoxicity was determined in the neutral red assay. Neutral red uptake was suppressed up to 50% after 24 h incubation at a concentration of approximately 135 microM. In the single cell gel assay, a significantly elevated and dose-dependent induction of DNA lesions was detected in a concentration range from 5 microM to 100 microM (P<0.001). The use of proteinase K (1 mg/ml) in the lysing solution did not influence these results. In the SCE analysis, a significant induction of SCE was found at a minimum concentration of 5 microM N-NO-DCHA as well. A dose-dependent SCE induction could be detected up to the maximum concentration tested in the assay (100 microM). In conclusion, N-NO-DCHA is genotoxic in V79 cells in the single cell gel assay and the SCE test. With respect to human health hazard prevention, a substitution of dicyclohexylaminexnitrite in chemical formulations used to prevent corrosion is recommended.[1]


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