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Localization of the medullary respiratory neurons in rats by microelectrode recording.

Neuronal activity has been recorded extracellularly from the medulla of anesthetized rats. Units whose discharge frequency varied in phase with respiratory airflow were located bilaterally between 1.5 and 2 mm lateral to midline, extending from 1 mm caudal to 1.5 mm rostral to the obex, in the ventral two-thirds of the medulla. Expiratory units predominated and were intermingled with inspiratory units. Ten different patterns of discharge were distinguished, varying from a short burst at the beginning of expiration to a resting discharge which increased in frequency during either inspiration or expiration. Evidence was also obtained that fiber tracts from other areas of the brain cross midline just caudally to the obex and pass to the respiratory centers on which they apparently exert and excitatory action.[1]


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