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Malaria parasites giving rise to recrudescence in vitro.

Recrudescences were simulated in vitro with drug treatment to examine how drug-sensitive parasites survive the treatment. Various numbers of cultured parasites were treated with lethal doses of pyrimethamine or mefloquine for various lengths of time. Recrudescences were observed in parasite populations with larger initial numbers of parasites when the treatment duration was prolonged. Equal numbers of parasitized erythrocytes were treated with various concentrations of pyrimethamine or mefloquine. There was no clear linear relationship between the incidence of recrudescence and the drug concentration. Parasites that had recrudesced were continuously allowed to recrudesce in the succeeding recrudescence experiments. Both the duration from the cessation of treatment to the time at which the recrudescent parasitemia level reached 1% and the growth rate of recrudescent parasites were equal among these recrudescences. The recrudescent parasites in these experiments were as sensitive to the drugs as the parasites tested before treatment were. These results suggest that a parasite culture may contain parasites in some phases that are not killed by drug for up to 10 days, which explains the recrudescences that occur even after treatment.[1]


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