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Molecular structure of acid-etched dentin smear layers--in situ study.

It is commonly reported that acid etchants remove the smear layer, but to date, there has been no chemical evidence to support these observations. The purpose of this study was to determine the molecular structure of acid-etched carbide- and diamond-bur-created smear layers. This project tested the null hypothesis that such smear layers are totally removed with current etchants. Smear layer/demineralized/mineralized dentin interfaces were analyzed at 1- m intervals by micro-Raman spectroscopy. Features associated with the organic component were substantially broadened with loss of fine structure, and mineral peaks were clearly evident in the spectra of acid-etched smear layers. The organic features in the spectra of the EDTA-treated smear layer showed relative intensity ratios similar to demineralized dentin without contribution from the mineral phase. The disorganized collagen within the smear layer was not removed but was denatured by the acid treatment; the mineral was trapped in this gelatinous matrix and shielded from complete reaction.[1]


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