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Effect of acetic acid consumption on clinical laboratory values in the dog.

To investigate the influence of food enriched with acetic acid on the clinical, biochemical, electrolyte, blood gas, haematological and urinary variables in the dog, a cross-over study was carried out with periods of approximately 2 weeks involving six healthy, adult dogs. Another objective was to determine the maximum concentration of acetic acid that the dogs found to be palatable. The dogs were maintained on a commercial meat-based food with added acetic acid and/or glucose. The administered acetic acid was increased in stages. All dogs accepted the diet containing acetic acid at a level of 5% of metabolizable energy. Except for a decrease in plasma total protein, none of the variables were significantly affected by acetic acid consumption. Acetic acid feeding did not affect plasma acetate concentration and urinary acetate excretion, indicating that dogs efficiently metabolize ingested acetic acid.[1]


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