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Food, Fortified

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  • Because the prevalence of combined B12 insufficiency and supraphysiological concentrations of serum folate may have increased with folic acid food fortification, consideration should be given to confirming this finding, and possibly, to the addition of B12 to folate fortified foods [15].
  • They developed an LC-mass spectrometry (LC/MS) method for the determination of vitamin B5 in a wide range of fortified food products [16].
  • The implementation of these findings will require among other things, a range of n-3 fat enriched foods, as well as physician awareness of the possibilities for dietary n-3 fat increases to be used as adjunctive therapy in RA [17].
  • The targeted population is the general population (not simply high-risk subjects) and the antioxidant agents tested are being administered at a level which is not pharmacologic and which may be attained by dietary intake of natural sources of these micronutrients and/or enriched foods [18].
  • It is now important to determine whether Lfcin is generated in the intestinal tract of formula-fed and breast-fed infants, and geriatric patients consuming foods enriched with lactoferrin [19].

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