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Immobilization of adenosine deaminase onto agarose and casein.

In the present study adenosine deaminase ( ADA) was immobilized onto two different polymeric materials, agarose and casein. The factors affecting the amount of enzyme attachment onto the polymeric supports such as incubation time were investigated. The maximum amount of enzyme immobilized onto different polymeric supports occurred at incubation pH value 7.5 and ADA concentration 42 units/g and the incubation time needed for the maximum amount of enzyme attachment to the polymeric supports was found to be 8 h. Some phsicochemical properties of the free and immobilized ADA such as operational stability, optimum temperature and thermal stability, pH optimum and stability, storage stability, and the effect of gamma-radiation were studied. The operational stability of the free and immobilized enzyme showed that the enzyme immobilized by a cross-linking technique using gultaric dialdehyde showed poor durability and the relative activity decreased sharply due to the leakage after repeated washing, while the enzymes immobilized by covalent bonds to the carriers showed a slight decrease in most cases in the relative activity (around 20%) after being used 10 times. Storage for 4-6 months, showed that the free enzyme lost its activity, while the immobilized enzyme showed the opposite behavior. Subjecting the immobilized enzyme to a dose of gamma radiation of 0.5-10 Mrad showed complete loss in the activity of the free enzyme at a dose of 5 Mrad, while the immobilized enzymes showed relatively high resistance to gamma radiation up to a dose of 5 Mrad.[1]


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