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Ontogeny, cell distribution, and the physiological role of NADP-malic enxyme in Drosophila melanogaster.

NADP-malic enzyme (NADP-ME) (E.C. is situated in the cytosol of Drosophila melanogaster. Both the tissue activity and CRM level of NADP-ME parallel changes in the dosage of a gene, Men+, located in region 87C2-3 to 87D1-2 of the third chromosome. The tissue activity of NADP-ME is very high in early third instar larvae, providing about 33% of the NADPH at this life stage. The tissue activity declines during pupal development but increases as the adult ages. The concentration of NADP-ME CRM and tissue activity are coordinately increased in third instar larvae by dietary carbohydrate and decreased by dietary lipid.[1]


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