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Developmental expression of PAM (protein associated with MYC) in the rodent brain.

Recently, human protein associated with MYC, PAM, has been cloned and characterized as a large protein that interacts with the transcriptional-activating domain of Myc. The regional expression pattern of PAM in brains has not been yet been defined. Expression patterns of PAM in both rat and mouse brains were examined by using in situ hybridization. Here, we demonstrate that PAM mRNA is highly expressed in specific anatomical regions including hippocampus, dentate gyrus and cerebellum. In these areas, PAM mRNA is restricted to pyramidal cells of hippocampus and granule cells of dentate gyrus and cerebellum. During development, PAM mRNA expression is differentially regulated. It is turned on after birth and up-regulated during the first postnatal 2 weeks. Thereafter, PAM mRNA expression remains elevated into adulthood. The regional distribution of PAM in brain is similar to that observed for several adenylyl cyclase isoforms such as type I isoform. However, no obvious alterations of PAM mRNA expression are detected in brains of mice deficient in type I or type 8 or type 1 and type 8 isoforms of adenylyl cyclase. Thus, adenylyl cyclase does not appear to alter the expression of PAM.[1]


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