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Surfactant protein A regulates surfactant phospholipid clearance after LPS-induced injury in vivo.

Previous in vitro studies have suggested that surfactant protein A (SP-A) may play a role in pulmonary surfactant homeostasis by mediating surfactant secretion and clearance. However, mice made deficient in SP-A [SP-A (-/-) animals] have relatively normal levels of surfactant compared with wild-type SP-A (+/+) animals. We hypothesize that SP-A may play a role in surfactant homeostasis after acute lung injury. Bacterial lipopolysaccharide was instilled into the lungs of SP-A (-/-) mice and SP-A (+/+) mice to induce injury. Surfactant phospholipid levels were increased 1.6-fold in injured SP-A (-/-) animals, although injury did not alter [3H]choline or [14C]palmitate incorporation into dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC), suggesting no change in surfactant synthesis/secretion 12 h after injury. Clearance of [3H]DPPC from the lungs of injured SP-A (-/-) animals was decreased by approximately 40%. Instillation of 50 microg of exogenous SP-A rescued both the clearance defect and the increased phospholipid defect in injured SP-A (-/-) animals, suggesting that SP-A may play a role in regulating clearance of surfactant phospholipids after acute lung injury.[1]


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