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Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult

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  • IMPLICATIONS: Strategies aimed at more uniform drug exposure or selective neutralization of chlorethylisocyanate, one of the two major hydrolysis products of BCNU, might reduce the incidence of acute lung injury following this regimen without major compromise of antitumor effect [16].
  • PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to analyze clinical and pharmacokinetic data from our ongoing phase II trials and to determine whether there is an association between BCNU pharmacokinetics and acute lung injury following cyclophosphamide-cisplatin-BCNU therapy [16].
  • Bcl-2-related protein A1 is an endogenous and cytokine-stimulated mediator of cytoprotection in hyperoxic acute lung injury [17].
  • These results indicate that apoptosis may play an important role in acute lung injury, and thus that inhibition of caspase activity may constitute a new therapeutic approach for treatment of this disease [18].
  • When equal doses of C3-activating activity of CVFn or CVFh were injected intravenously into rats, CVFh-treated rats failed to develop acute lung injury, whereas CVFn-treated animals showed pronounced increases in lung vascular permeability [19].

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