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Analysis of the desialidation process of the haemagglutinin protein of influenza B virus: the host-dependent desialidation step.

It was reported previously that haemadsorption by the haemagglutinin (HA) protein of influenza B virus required that the protein must undergo desialidation. When MDCK and COS cells were infected with influenza B/Kanagawa/73 virus in the presence of a neuraminidase ( NA) inhibitor, Zanamivir, haemadsorption on MDCK cells was inhibited but that on COS cells was not. The activity of the NA protein of the two types of infected cells was similar and both were inhibited by Zanamivir in a dose-dependent manner. A comparison of the desialidation of the HA protein was made on MDCK and COS cells in the presence of bacterial NA and both cells were found to have similar sensitivity. On the accumulation of the HA and NA proteins in the trans-Golgi network of MDCK cells by means of low-temperature treatment, desialidation of the HA protein in the presence of Zanamivir was detected by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. Because this agent was reported to be unable to penetrate cells, these data suggest that, in MDCK cells, desialidation of the HA protein occurs on the cell surface but, in COS cells, the HA and NA proteins might accumulate in the trans-Golgi network, thus allowing NA desialidation before their migration to the cell surface.[1]


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