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Regulation of mediator secretion in human basophils by p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase: phosphorylation is sensitive to the effects of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibitors and calcium mobilization.

Although human basophils modulate allergic diseases by secreting histamine, leukotriene C(4), interleukin (IL)-4, and IL-13, the intermediary signals controlling the release of these mediators are poorly understood. Here, we show that p38 mitogen- activated protein kinase ( MAPK) crucially affects basophil activation following stimulation with various secretagogues. Phosphorylation of p38 MAPK occurred within 5 min following anti-immunoglobulin (Ig)E stimulation, but was more rapidly activated in basophils stimulated with formyl-Met-Leu-Phe or A23187. Additionally, activation of p38 MAPK to the above stimuli was dependent on extracellular influx and intracellular mobilization of calcium. SB 203580, a specific p38 MAPK inhibitor, blocked anti-IgE-induced secretion of all basophil mediators and reduced not only p38 MAPK, but also extracellular signal-regulated kinases 1 and 2 activity, whereas the MAPK antagonist, PD 098059, did not affect p38 MAPK. IgE-dependent activation of p38 MAPK and MKK3/6 was affected by LY 294002 and wortmannin, suggesting that these kinases are targets for phosphatidylinositol 3 kinase ( PI 3-K). We conclude that p38 MAPK is a pivotal regulator of basophil function downstream of PI 3-K activation and calcium mobilization.[1]


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