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Latex sensitivity: an industrial hygiene perspective.

As a result of the increase in latex product manufacturing and use during the last 10 to 13 years, latex sensitivity has become an important health issue. Requests for evaluation and control of potential exposure to latex allergens have prompted questions about how to best sample surfaces and the air for the presence and concentration of latex allergens, a search for reasonable occupational exposure limits, and means and methods of control or remediation. In this article, evaluation of latex allergens on surfaces, in residual dust, and in the air is discussed. Interpretation and application of reasonable suggested occupational exposure limits and the need for additional research in this area are also discussed. Suggestions for control and remediation are based on successful programs and projects resulting in elimination of latex and residual latex allergens in health care settings. Measurement of latex allergens on surfaces and in the air and comparison with suggested occupational exposure limits are viable means of risk analysis, and control and remediation can be successful, permitting sensitized individuals to return to the workplace.[1]


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