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Disease relevance of Workplace

  • To test the prognostic value of plasma renin activity prospectively, we determined the pretreatment renin-sodium profile of 1717 subjects with mild-to-moderate hypertension (mean age, 53 years; 36 percent white; 67 percent men) in a systematic work-site treatment program [1].
  • We conclude that zirconium should be considered a likely cause of pneumoconiosis and that appropriate precautions should be taken in the workplace [2].
  • On October 4, 2001, we confirmed the first bioterrorism-related anthrax case identified in the United States in a resident of Palm Beach County, Florida. Epidemiologic investigation indicated that exposure occurred at the workplace through intentionally contaminated mail [3].
  • Treatment of acute migraine attacks with oral or subcutaneous sumatriptan leads to less loss of workplace productivity than other antimigraine therapies [4].
  • A 23-year-old spray painter developed contact dermatitis and respiratory difficulty characterized by small airways obstruction shortly after the polyfunctional aziridine cross-linker CX-100 began to be used in his workplace as a paint activator [5].

Psychiatry related information on Workplace


High impact information on Workplace

  • The presence of smokers in both the home and the workplace also increased the cotinine levels [11].
  • RESULTS--Worksite smoking policy had a major effect on the nicotine concentrations, which fell from a median of 8.6 micrograms/m3 in the open offices at worksites that allowed smoking to 1.3 micrograms/m3 in sites that restricted smoking, and to 0.3 microgram/m3 in worksites that banned smoking [12].
  • A clinical epidemiologic study was conducted to determine the long-term health effects of workplace exposure to the process of manufacturing the herbicide (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy)acetic acid including contaminants such as 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-rho-dioxin [13].
  • Personal air sample measurements showed that airborne concentrations of aniline and o-toluidine were well within the limits allowed in the workplace by OSHA [14].
  • PURPOSE: Our goal was to assess whether levels of cotinine and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-albumin (PAH-albumin) are associated with ETS exposure in children and in women of reproductive age, after accounting for background exposures to PAHs in the diet, workplace, and the home environment [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Workplace

  • SETTING: Work site in Osaka, Japan. PARTICIPANTS: 1,266 Japanese male office workers 35 to 59 years of age who did not have impaired fasting glucose or type 2 diabetes and were not taking medication for hypertension at study entry [16].
  • Occupational exposure to hydrogen sulfide is one of the leading causes of sudden death in the workplace, especially in the oil and gas industry [17].
  • Inhalation of dust from hard metal (HM), a mixture of tungsten carbide, cobalt, and other metals, can cause interstitial alveolitis, fibrosis, and asthma in the workplace [18].
  • Vaccines to prevent hepatitis B infection became available in 1982, and were recommended primarily for adults considered at high risk because of exposure in the workplace or lifestyles that lead to sexual or parenteral exposure to the virus [19].
  • METHODS: Prospective, open-label study at 27 work sites of 20 companies representing diverse labor sectors in Spain. Eligible patients according International Headache Society (IHS) criteria were recruited for the study by on-site physicians and instructed to treat moderate or severe migraine attacks with one tablet of rizatriptan 10 mg [20].

Biological context of Workplace


Anatomical context of Workplace


Associations of Workplace with chemical compounds

  • SETTING: academic medical center, Occupational Medicine Clinic, and worksite [31].
  • Evaluation of the worksite showed that dimethylformamide, a widely used industrial solvent and known hepatotoxin, was being used to coat fabric in poorly ventilated areas without appropriate skin protection [31].
  • SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Study subjects were 115 employees who had previously participated in worksite total cholesterol screening, selected by stratified random sampling for sex and total cholesterol levels [32].
  • Comments on "Respiratory effects of toluene diisocyanate in the workplace: a discussion of exposure-response relationships" [33].
  • Data collected included medical as well as pharmacy claims and patient surveys to measure changes in satisfaction, health-related quality of life, workplace productivity, and nonworkplace activity after sumatriptan therapy was initiated [34].

Gene context of Workplace

  • Because liver CYP1A2 levels are known to vary more than 60-fold between humans, our findings may be relevant to patients who are exposed to arylamines in the workplace [35].
  • The average level of the CYP1B1 mRNA in workers at the top work site, where the PAH exposure level from the coke ovens was highest, was significantly higher than in workers at the middle site (P<0.01) or the controls (P=0.02) [36].
  • Among never smokers, CYP2A6 genotypes were not correlated with exposure to passive smoking at home or in the workplace (p = 0.623 and 0.484, respectively) [37].
  • Thus far there is little information on p53 mutations in cancers of factory workers with a history of carcinogen exposure in the workplace [38].
  • Although screening for hemochromatosis has been recommended, workplace screening programs remain uncommon [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Workplace


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