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Determination of adipate plasticizers in poly(vinyl chloride) by microwave-assisted extraction.

A new method based on the application of microwave radiation to the extraction of adipate plasticizers from poly(vinyl chloride) PVC plastics is described. The experimental conditions for microwave-assisted extraction (i.e. extracting solvent, temperature, time and microwave power) were evaluated in terms of recovery. The optimisation was carried out with pastes of PVC plastified with di-2-ethylhexyl adipate, and extracts were measured by gas chromatography with flame ionization detection. Six different adipate plasticizers were studied, and microwave-assisted extraction was compared with supercritical fluid extraction for the extraction of adipates and phthalates from PVC matrices. It has been observed that the microwave-assisted extraction parameters evaluated are tightly interconnected. It has been shown that the efficiency of microwave-assisted extraction depends on the kind of solvent, the temperature achieved and the heating time. Moreover, the final temperature reached depends on the microwave power, the number of vessels and the irradiation time. On the other hand, microwave-assisted extraction provides higher recovery values than supercritical fluid extraction for both phthalate and adipate plasticizers.[1]


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