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Chemical Compound Review

AC1NRCX0     (4R,5S)-4,5-dihydroxy-2,3- dioxo-6...

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Disease relevance of PVC


Psychiatry related information on PVC

  • They offer a wide range of pKa's in PVC membranes, good sensitivity as a result of their high molar absortivities, excellent solubility in the plasticizer, and quick response times [5].
  • We utilized positive reinforcement techniques to train the monkeys to touch a target (PVC pipe shaped like an elbow) hung on their cage [6].
  • Effects of picture referencing on PVC chair, love seat, and settee assemblies by students with mental retardation [7].

High impact information on PVC

  • This analysis revealed that there are two pathways for touch-mediated movement for anterior touch (through the AVD and AVB interneurons) and a single pathway for posterior touch (via the PVC interneurons) [8].
  • However, TGN protein transport to the PVC is accelerated in mutants lacking function of Inp53p [9].
  • Yeast TGN resident proteins that frequently cycle between the TGN and endosomes are much more slowly transported to the prevacuolar/late endosomal compartment (PVC) than other proteins [9].
  • The use of PBAs as probes and sensitive PVC systems as assays has already proven fruitful in the dissection of the complex mechanisms of nonspecific B cell triggering in man and may indeed ultimately lead to an understanding of the mechanisms of specificity of immune reactivity [10].
  • It has been reported that mutant cells lacking End13p/Vps4p (end13(vps4)Delta) accumulate endocytosed marker dyes, plasma membrane receptors and newly synthesised vacuolar hydrolase precursors in an endosomal compartment adjacent to the vacuole (prevacuolar compartment, or PVC) [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of PVC

  • U50,488H was by far the most potent as it induced ventricular arrhythmias including frequent PVC and VT even at a dose (44 nmol/heart) at which other agonists either produced no or negligible effect [12].
  • Evidence for a schedule-dependent deleterious interaction between paclitaxel, vinblastine and cisplatin (PVC) in the treatment of advanced transitional cell carcinoma [13].
  • Edrophonium (10 mg.) produced less bradycardia and less reliable PVC suppression [14].
  • In two of these five patients, atropine (1.5 mg.) increased PVC incidence markedly, although the per cent PVC did not change significantly because of the concomitant tachycardia [14].
  • Recent reports of biovolatilisation of phosphorus and antimony by anaerobic bacteria and of leaching of phosphorus and antimony fire-retardant additives from PVC cot mattress covers, indicate that the polyurethane inner-foam of cot mattresses could be a site for generation of toxic gases of group 15 elements [15].

Biological context of PVC

  • We investigated whether the left ventricular filling profile, defined as the early to late diastolic left ventricular filling volume ratio, during the preceding control beats actually affects the pulse pressure during a ventricular premature contraction (PVC) [16].
  • Oral encainide effectively reduces the frequency of PVC and NSVT, it does not impair left ventricular function and it is associated with infrequent minor side effects [17].
  • On days 14, 21, 35 and 60 after immunization, histology, hemodynamics and electrophysiological parameters (i.e., effective refractory period (ERP), monophasic action potential duration (MAPD) and PVC inducibility) were evaluated and compared with control rats [18].
  • Study 5: The combined effect of mixing blood with Pl and exposure to PVC caused marked up-regulation of CD11b (336% increase, P < 0.01) and down-regulation of L-selectin (78% decrease, P < 0.05) [19].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Mixing blood with acidic prime solution and/or exposing it to PVC tubes causes up-regulation of neutrophil adhesion molecule CD11b and down-regulation of L-selectin [19].

Anatomical context of PVC

  • CONCLUSION: In this nonrandomized prospective observational study, temporary external drainage of the pancreatic duct with a PVC tube significantly reduced the leakage rate of the pancreaticojejunostomy as well as the duration of hospital stay after partial pancreatoduodenectomy [20].
  • The optical and analytical characteristics of a series of neutral H+-selective chromoionophores in PVC membranes are described [5].
  • With monolithic capillaries of higher porosity and fused-silica GC capillaries, the transmembrane flux effects are noticeable but still significantly smaller than with conventional PVC membranes [21].
  • METHOD: Islets isolated from adult and fetal porcine pancreas were perfused with fresh human blood in surface heparinized PVC tubings for 5-60 min [22].
  • 1. Intracellular free calcium concentration, [Ca2+]i, was measured in giant neurones of the sub-oesophageal ganglia of Helix aspersa, using Ca-selective micro-electrodes containing a PVC-gelled, neutral-ligand sensor [23].

Associations of PVC with other chemical compounds

  • The mean percentage of PVC reduction was 41% (P less than 0.05) for aprindine 2 mg kg-1; 51% (P less than 0.05) for sotalol 1.5 mg kg-1 and 72% (P less than 0.01) for the combined drug therapy (aprindine 1 mg kg-1 and sotalol 0.75 mg kg-1) [24].
  • Ammonium and potassium ion-selective membranes formulated with PVC/hydroxylated PVC, polyurethane/hydroxylated PVC, and moisture-curable silicone rubber matrices are studied in an effort to extend the lifetime of solid-state ion sensors through improved membrane adhesion [25].
  • RESULTS: Study 1: PVC, similar to glass, caused more up-regulation of CD11b and down-regulation of L-selectin than polystyrene (238 and 162% vs. 68 increase of CD11b, P < 0.001; 89 and 95% vs. 16% decrease of L-selectin, P < 0.001) [19].
  • The sensor was constructed and applied for fluorescence assay of histidine in aqueous solution by immobilizing the sensing material in a plasticized PVC membrane [26].
  • The general scheme should work for any available ionophore used in PVC or decyl methacrylate ion-selective electrodes, with minor adjustments to account for differences in ionophore charge and analyte binding constant [27].

Gene context of PVC

  • 80 patients were randomly divided into two subgroups (SMAR(X)T vs. standard PVC control) and analyzed for the kinetic of cerebral ischemia markers neuronspecific enolase, protein S100 and neuropsychologically tested with the Mini-Mental-Status Test (MMST) before and after the operation [28].
  • No difference in VEGF expression was observed between controls, PVC, and moderate PPA cases [29].
  • Placebo period PVC frequency after one year of NAPA therapy was reduced, compared to baseline placebo values [30].
  • Ionophore-free PVC membranes containing UBC- as ion exchanger and either DOS or NPOE as plasticizer also demonstrated selectivity similar to TFPB--containing membranes [31].
  • RESULTS: The Tg of the bags fell into two groups: 70 to 105 degrees C (PO, FEP) and -50 to -17 degrees C (PVC with plasticizer, EVA) [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PVC

  • MAVT/PVC origin could be determined by ECG analysis [2].
  • Because preservative is retained by the infusion device, insulin with preservative was tested before and after 1 and 4 days perfusion with a PVC pump catheter [33].
  • PLA stents of different configurations (spiral/braided) and polycaprolactone-polylactide (PCL-PLA)-coatings, or SS stents were implanted into a PVC tube (Ø 3.2 mm), with or without precoating of the tube with type-I collagen [34].
  • It was observed by scanning electron microscopy that dried fibrin (denoted fibrin D), immobilised on the wells of PVC plates was morphologically similar to the fibrin found in human clots whereas PVC-immobilised fibrin monolayers (fibrin M) and a homogenised form of fibrin (fibrin FF) presented two very different morphological appearances [35].
  • The development and characterization of small, uniform, and mass-produced plasticized PVC-based sensing microspheres in view of rapid trace level analysis of lead ions is reported [36].


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