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Changing spectrum of sporadic acute viral hepatitis in Indian children.

From August 1997 to January 2000, 172 children (< or = 14 years) with acute viral hepatitis were studied. Their clinical features, investigations and outcome were noted. Viral markers (IgM anti-HAV, IgM anti-HEV, HBsAg and anti-HCV) were measured by ELISA using commercial kits. The mean age of these children was 5.6 +/- 2.9 (range, 4 months to 14 years) with a male to female ratio of 120:52. Prodromal symptoms were present in 161 (94 per cent) and icteric hepatitis was diagnosed in 168 (98 per cent) cases. Splenomegaly was noted in 53 (31 per cent), ascites in 52 (30 per cent) and encephalopathy ( ALF) in 56 (32.6 per cent) cases. Sixteen (31 per cent) children with ascites had spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP). Fifteen (27 per cent) children with encephalopathy died. Viral markers were positive in 166 (96.5 per cent) and they were: A in 111 (64.5 per cent), E in 28 (16.3 per cent), B in 13 (7.6 per cent), A + E in 12 (7 per cent), A + E + C and A + C in one each. Mortality in acute liver failure was more when associated with SBP (100 per cent) than without (20 per cent) (p < 0.001). We conclude that HEV is the second most common cause of sporadic acute viral hepatitis in children. Atypical presentations, such as splenomegaly, ascites, and SBP were present in virtually one-third of cases. In cases of ALF, the presence of ascites and SBP depicts a worse outcome.[1]


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