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Effect of fenitrothion on the physical properties of crustacean lipoproteins.

The effect of the liposoluble organophosphorus insecticide fenitrothion (FS) on lipid packing and rotation of two crustacean plasma HDL was investigated. These lipoproteins, HDL-1 and HDL-2, differed in their lipid composition, but their lipid/protein ratios were similar. The rotational behavior of the fluorescent probes 1,6-diphenyl-1,3,5-hexatriene (DPH) and 3-(p-(6-phenyl)-1,3,5-hexatrienyl) phenylpropionic acid (DPH-PA) was used to obtain information about the lipid dynamics in the outer and inner regions, respectively, of the lipid phase of the lipoproteins. Fluorescent steady-state anisotropy (r(s)), lifetime (tau), rotational correlation time (tau(r)), and the limiting anisotropy (r(infinity)) of these probes were measured in the lipoproteins exposed to different concentrations of FS in vitro. The results showed the penetration of FS into both plasma lipoproteins, altering the lipid dynamics of the inner as well as the outer regions. The overall effect of the insecticide was to induce an increase in the lipid order in a concentration-dependent fashion. DPH and DPH-PA fluorescence-lifetime shortening indicated that FS increased the polarity of the probe environment, suggesting an enhanced water penetration into the lipoprotein lipid phase, may be due to the induction of failures in the lipid packing. Even in the absence of FS, a higher ordering of the lipid phase was found in HDL-2 compared to HDL-1, a fact that might be attributed to a higher percentage of sphingomyelin in HDL-2.[1]


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