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Plasma levels and beta-adrenoceptor blockade with acebutolol, practolol and propranolol in man.

1 The degree of beta-adrenoceptor blockade of isoprenaline-induced tachycardia has been determined in three healthy volunteers after the administration of single oral doses of acebutolol, practolol or propranolol. 2 Plasma levels of these drugs were determined either colorimetrically (acebutolol and practolol) or fluorimetrically (propranolol). The colorimetric assay of acebutolol in plasma is fully described but the other drugs were assayed by published methods. 3 The degree of beta-adrenoceptor blockade and the plasma level for acebutolol and practolol were well correlated, whereas in the case of propranolol correlation was poor, due in part to the presence in plasma of active metabolites not detected by the fluorimetric assay. The plasma levels of practolol and propranolol are in agreement with those previously reported. 4 The maximum cardiac beta-adrenoceptor blockade achieved in this study with the respective single oral doses of acebutolol (300 mg), practolol (400 mg) or propranolol (40 mg) were similar in each of the three subjects. Therefore the beta-adrenoceptor blocking potencies of these drugs against isoprenaline-induced tachycardia are inversely related to these doses; indicating that propranolol is 7-8 times more potent than acebutolol and the latter slightly more potent than practolol.[1]


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