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Mass supplementation of vitamin A linked to National Immunization Day.

OBJECTIVE: Main objectives were to assess the feasibility of linking vitamin A delivery with National Immunization Days (NIDs) and to see the impact on xerophthalmia. METHODS: An Intervention study of mass distribution of vitamin A solution was undertaken to control widespread xerophthalmia prevalent in children living in about 26 slums of Chandigarh in the year 2000. Two rounds of mass distribution of Vitamin A solution covering 27642 and 31762 children in 1-5 years of age in first and second rounds, respectively, were undertaken. The findings of second round and post evaluation after intervention are presented here. An additional team of two persons per pulse polio immunization (PPI) centre delivered age specific doses of vitamin A solution through 98 centres and operational problems were recorded. PPI staff provided the supervision and PPI tally sheets were used. RESULTS: The programme achieved a vitamin A coverage rate of 99% in first round and 88% in second round. Only two parents refused vitamin A solution. No side effect or cases of toxicity due to vitamin A were reported by health institutions in the area or in a stratified random sample of 101 children. There was a significant decline (13.4%) in xerophthalmia after two rounds of mass distribution (P < .001). The strategy to deliver vitamin A was successfully integrated into NID's and appeared to achieve a significant decline in xerophthalmia. CONCLUSION: Linking of vitamin A distribution with PPI could be a basis for launching similar initiatives in other areas of India and other countries where xerophthalmia is a public health problem.[1]


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