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Characterisation of potentially genotoxic compounds in sediments collected from United Kingdom estuaries.

The mutagenic activity bioassay Mutatox was used to assess the mutagenic activity associated with sediments collected from five UK estuaries. Assays were performed on extracts of sediment pore water and residual particulate material isolated from sediment samples collected from the rivers Tyne, Tees, Mersey, and Thames as well as Southampton Water. No mutagenic activity was associated with the pore water extracts, however, 7 of the 28 organic solvent extracts of sediment particulate material contained potential genotoxins. By using Mutatox in association with bioassay-directed fractionation, attempts were made to identify the mutagenic compounds present in the extracts. The fractionation procedure used normal phase solid phase extraction, C18 reverse phase HPLC and cyano/amino bonded silica normal phase HPLC. GC-MS (EI and NICI) analysis was used to identify polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), alkyl substituted PAH, nitro-polycyclic aromatic compounds (nitro-PACs), polycyclic aromatic ketones, oxygenated-PACs, and other known mutagens contributing to the genotoxicity measured in the samples. Some potentially genotoxic compounds remain unidentified.[1]


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