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Great Britain

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Disease relevance of Great Britain


Psychiatry related information on Great Britain

  • AIMS: Since its launch in the prescribing market in 1999 for the treatment of opiate dependence, buprenorphine has rapidly become established as an alternative to methadone treatment in the United Kingdom [6].
  • The following oral fluid opiate cutoffs were evaluated: the GC/MS limit of quantification (LOQ) of 2.5 mg/l; 15 microg/l currently used for oral fluid testing in the United Kingdom (UK); 30 microg/l (Opiate CRS cutoff); and 40 microg/l, the proposed Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) cutoff [7].
  • METHODS: Incidence rates of CJD, based on person-year denominators, were assessed in a cohort of 1,848 patients treated with hGH in the United Kingdom from 1959 through 1985 and followed to the end of 2000 [8].
  • Over 90% of children met the Physical Activity Guidelines for Adolescents (PAGA) and the United States' Healthy People Objective No. 22.6; 80% met the United Kingdom Expert Consensus Group guideline; and 70% met the Healthy People Objective No. 22 [9].

High impact information on Great Britain


Chemical compound and disease context of Great Britain


Biological context of Great Britain

  • Almost half the sample shared the same Y-chromosome haplotype, which has not been observed in control samples either from the same geographic region or from the United Kingdom as a whole [20].
  • The presence of a FLT3 internal tandem duplication in patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) adds important prognostic information to cytogenetic risk group and response to the first cycle of chemotherapy: analysis of 854 patients from the United Kingdom Medical Research Council AML 10 and 12 trials [21].
  • PURPOSE: This phase I study was performed to evaluate the safety and pharmacokinetics of escalating doses of Marimastat (British Biotech, Inc, Oxford, United Kingdom) in patients with advanced malignancies and to determine the phase II recommended dose to be used in subsequent studies [22].
  • METHODS: Frequencies of BcHE K variant, alpha2M insertion and/or deletion polymorphism, the ApoE common polymorphisms and promoter variants at ApoE-491 and -291, were examined by fluorescent RFLP in DNA from 276 United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study Type II diabetic subjects and 351 non-diabetic subjects from the Diabetes In Families study [23].
  • Linkage analysis of markers on chromosome 11q13 with asthma and atopy in a United Kingdom population [24].

Anatomical context of Great Britain


Associations of Great Britain with chemical compounds


Gene context of Great Britain


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Great Britain


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