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Taxonomic position of sugarcane streak mosaic virus in the family Potyviridae.

AcDNA library was generated from purified RNA of sugarcane streak mosaic virus--Andhra Pradesh (SCSMV-AP). Two overlapping clones covering 3160 nucleotides encoding partial CI, complete 6K2, VPg-NIa and NIb genes were sequenced. A comparison of this sequence along with the 3' terminal 1315 nucleotides of SCSMV-AP determined earlier with the other members of the family Potyviridae indicated that it had only 30% identity at the amino acid level for the partial polyprotein open reading frame (ORF) with the members of Ipomovirus and Tritimovirus genera. Further, in the most conserved NIb region also there was only 40% identity with the type members of these genera. Based on this analysis, we suggest the taxonomic affiliation of SCSMV-AP into an undescribed new genus in the family Potyviridae.[1]


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