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Effects of functional knock-out of alpha 1 glycine-receptors on breathing movements in oscillator mice.

The effects of a deficiency of glycinergic inhibition deriving from mutations of the glycine-receptor gene Glra1 on the breathing pattern of oscillator mice were studied. We compared the development of breathing frequency, tidal volume and minute ventilation from control mice (wild type- and heterozygous oscillator mice) with those of homozygous oscillator mice during early postnatal periods from p9 until p21. The changes of ventilation were correlated with body-weight and changes in blood-pH. During the second to third weeks of postnatal development, breathing frequency increased from 310 to 445.4 mm-1 in control mice. Oscillator mice reached a maximal value of 313.3 min-1 at p18 followed by a fast decrease to 233.0 min-1. This decrease is caused by a prolongation of expiratory duration. Tidal volume showed a steady increase from 6.6 to 15.1 microliters in control animals. In comparison, oscillator mice showed significant lower values after p14. After p15, minute ventilation of oscillator mice declined as compared with control animals leading to respiratory acidosis at p20.[1]


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