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Localization of pendrin in mouse kidney.

Pendrin is an anion exchanger expressed in type B intercalated cells of the cortical collecting duct (CCD). Whether pendrin localizes to other nephron segments with intercalated cells is unknown. Moreover, whether pendrin is expressed in proximal tubule is debated. Thus the distribution of pendrin mRNA and protein expression in mouse kidney was investigated by using light and electron microscopic immunohistochemistry and quantitative real-time PCR. We observed that pendrin mRNA is expressed mainly in cortex. Within cortex, pendrin mRNA is at least fivefold higher in CCD and the connecting tubule (CNT) than in the other segments. Pendrin protein was observed in a subset of cells within the distal convoluted tubule as well as in type B and in non-A-non-B intercalated cells of the CNT and CCD. In type B intercalated cells, pendrin immunoreactivity was highest in apical cytoplasmic vesicles with little immunolabel along the apical plasma membrane. In non-A-non-B intercalated cells, intense pendrin immunoreactivity was detected along the apical plasma membrane. These differences in the subcellular distribution of pendrin immunolabel were confirmed by morphometric analysis. In conclusion, pendrin is expressed in the mouse distal convoluted tubule, CCD, and CNT along the apical plasma membrane of non-A-non-B intercalated cells and in subapical cytoplasmic vesicles of type B intercalated cells.[1]


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