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Evaluation of left parasternal approach for cardiac surgery.

OBJECTIVE: To provide a systemic evaluation of left parasternal approach (LPSA) for its clinical application. METHODS: LPSA was performed in 6 randomly-chosen formalin-preserved adult cadavers and the excisions were evaluated in external light of the external appearance, extent of traumatic injury and exposure of the structures in the thoracic cavity. RESULTS: LPSA left only short and less obvious skin incisions, thus causing minimal exterior appearance impairment. With a small operative field and only a few structures injured by this approach, LPSA had acceptable traumatic lesions and when the adequate intercostal level was chosen, the lateral structures on the left of the heart could be well exposed. CONCLUSION: LPSA is less invasive and involves acceptable external appearance impairment. Though satisfactory in exposing the structures on the left of the heart, LPSA can not properly expose the structures on the right side.[1]


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