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Categorization of hospital emergency capabilities: a progress report.

Categorization of hospital emergency service capabilities in a community, region (irrespective of state boundaries), or possibly a state, should contribute significantly toward an improved EMS systrm serving the area and, in turn, contribute to improved care of the seriously ill or injured. Community or regional categorization appears preferable in most situations to statewide categorization. Nationwide categorization seems particularly undesirable. The AMA Guidelines for categorization currently are the best available. While they certainly are not perfect, they deserve testing by surveys and studies in many communities, regions and states. Thereafter, they must be revised and updated utilizing input from those who have provided tests in the field. The merits of categorization of hospital emergency service capabilities transcend all petty objections in the best interest of the care of emergent patients. The profound hope is that the private sector will implement CHES and avoid the threat of government imposition. The time to do so is now.[1]


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