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Private Sector

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Disease relevance of Private Sector


Psychiatry related information on Private Sector


High impact information on Private Sector

  • UK to embrace private-sector involvement in NHS [6]?
  • Most medication costs were for antimicrobial agents, such as tetracycline in the government sector and iodochlorhydroxyquin in the private sector [7].
  • 23rd Bethesda conference: access to cardiovascular care. Task Force 4: Influence of private sector parties on access to cardiovascular care [8].
  • ACC news. President's page: private sector relations [9].
  • Although Medicare's more rapid spending growth seems out of sync with the current modest health spending growth trends in the private sector, closer examination of factors accounting for growth in 1994 suggests that some difference is warranted [10].

Biological context of Private Sector

  • In this paper, we (1) provide a background on the use of telemedicine in the private sector and in the VHA, (2) discuss the use of current telemedicine literature to management of individuals with MS, and (3) review the strengths and limitations of telemedicine as a care delivery vehicle [11].
  • Here, the development of the cancer drug bortezomib (Velcade; Millennium Pharmaceuticals) by a biotechnology company - Myogenics/ProScript - started by academics from Harvard University is discussed to dissect the key academia-industry/public sector-private sector interactions that made the development of this drug a success despite many barriers [12].
  • The initiative "Policy Principles and Implementation Guidelines for Private Sector Participation in Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation" contributes to equitable, effective, ecological and efficient PSP projects [13].

Associations of Private Sector with chemical compounds


Gene context of Private Sector

  • Levels of some trace metals (copper, iron, lead and zinc), aminolevulinate dehydratase (ALAD), caeruloplasmin and haemoglobin were measured in the blood of 37 male workers from private-sector storage-battery factories [19].
  • The importance of community support and public/private sector cooperation in relation to RPC is noted [20].
  • The profound hope is that the private sector will implement CHES and avoid the threat of government imposition [21].
  • Fifty-one percent of IMSS and SSA physicians were dissatisfied, against 25% in the private sector, in the first three areas [22].
  • The reagents used for comparison were produced by European and United States manufacturers in both the public and private sector and are widely used in routine ABO typing [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Private Sector


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