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Program Development

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Associations of Program Development with chemical compounds

  • During the Phase I, II, and III clinical development program, temafloxacin has demonstrated an excellent safety profile, with reported overall rates of adverse events comparable to quinolone and nonquinolone reference agents [27].
  • This paper describes results of a pooled analysis of four placebo-controlled studies included in the development program of the antidepressant nefazodone [28].
  • The recent development program for this class of antimicrobials as antimalarials makes our proof of principle of improved efficacy of triazines (compared with the gold standard treatment, pyrimethamine) against T. gondii especially promising [29].
  • Apart from slowing the development program by lowering the temperature to 15 degrees C and shortening the incubation time to 4 min, the essential step in the modification is the combined use of an EDTA and Tris-acetate buffer solution which stops the reduction of silver ions [30].
  • The unique preclinical profile of amifostine serves as the basis for the clinical development program for this new broad-spectrum cytoprotective agent [31].

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