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Inhibition of photophosphorylation by ATP and the role of magnesium in photophosphorylation.

ATP and pyrophosphate at high concentration (greater than 1 mM) inhibited photophosphorylation of isolated spinach chloroplasts in the normal salt medium and did not cause stimulation of electron transport. The inhibition of photophosphorylation by ATP or pyrophosphate was shown to be abolished by the addition of excess MgCl2, ADP and phosphate. It has been demonstrated that the rates of photophosphorylation in the absence and presence of ATP or pyrophosphate are determined similarly by the concentrations of magnesium-ADP (Mg - ADP-) and magnesiumphosphate (Mg - Pi) complexes. It is highly probable that Mg - ADP- and Mg - Pi, but not free ADP and free phosphate, are the active form of the substrates of photophosphorylation. This is in support of the view that ATP inhibits photophosphorylation by decreasing the concentration of Mg2+ which is available for the formation of the complex with ADP and phosphate.[1]


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