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The effects of corticosterone and cortisone on the uptake of polyvinyl pyrrolidone and the transmission of immunoglobulin G by the small intestine in young rats.

1. The distribution of polyvinyl pyrrolidone along the intestinal lumen and in the intestinal wall, following oral administration to normal and corticosterone treated rats, was found to be extremely variable. Valid comparisons between the two groups of animals could not be made using this technique. 2. Three, 4 and 5 days after corticosterone treatment there was no significant change in the uptake of 125I-labelled polyvinyl pyrrolidone from standard doses injected into ligated segments of the distal small intestine; nor did the treatment induce precocious replacement of the absorptive cells in this region. Cortisone induced precocious cell replacement, a process which took up to 4 days to complete, and also led to a marked reduction in the uptake of 125I-labelled polyvinyl pyrrolidone from ligated segments of the distal intestine. 3. Three days after treatment with corticosterone (5 mg I.P. at 12 days) there was a marked reduction of labelled immunoglobulin G transport into the blood. Four and 5 days after treatment there was some recovery of the immunoglobulin G transport function. Three days after treatment with cortisone (5 mg I.P. at 12 days) there was closure of the gut to labelled immunoglobulin G. 4. The relevance of these results to antibody transmission and the termination of immunoglobulin transport is discussed.[1]


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