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Chemical Compound Review

Pyrrolidon     pyrrolidin-2-one

Synonyms: Pyrrolidone, Butyrolactam, PYRROLIDINONE, Pyrrolidone-2, SureCN2389, ...
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Disease relevance of Pyrrolidon


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Chemical compound and disease context of Pyrrolidon


Biological context of Pyrrolidon


Anatomical context of Pyrrolidon

  • It was more potent than the corresponding 2-pyrrolidone derivative (2A) in alkylating muscarinic receptors in homogenates of the rat cerebral cortex [23].
  • 2. Three, 4 and 5 days after corticosterone treatment there was no significant change in the uptake of 125I-labelled polyvinyl pyrrolidone from standard doses injected into ligated segments of the distal small intestine; nor did the treatment induce precocious replacement of the absorptive cells in this region [24].
  • On the guinea pig ileum, the N-3-methyl substituted imidazolidone analogue 20 was the most potent agonist of the new compounds studied; 20 was 5-fold more potent in inducing contractions of the ileum and had 4-fold higher affinity for ileal muscarinic receptors than the 3-methyl substituted 2-pyrrolidone 6 [25].
  • Large amounts of pyrrolidone carboxylic acid were found in body fluids [26].
  • Separation of CFU-GM from normal human bone marrow mononuclear cells on density gradients of polyvinyl pyrrolidone coated silica gel (Percoll) [27].

Associations of Pyrrolidon with other chemical compounds

  • We show that dye-specific mobility anomalies exist for 5'-fluorophor-labelled single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) fragments in CE using the performance-optimized polymer 4 (POP4) buffer sieving matrix, containing the entangled poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide) polymer, urea, and 2-pyrrolidinone [28].
  • High-yield amination and cyclization of the chloride 15 to the pyrrolidin-2-one 16 was accomplished by a simple treatment with ammonia [29].
  • [reaction: see text] A facile method for the synthesis of pyrrolidin-2-one fused N-confused calix[4]phyrins is provided by reactions of 5,10,15,20-tetraaryl-2-aza-21-carbaporphyrin with acyl chlorides in the presence of triethylamine [30].
  • Crilvastatin is a drug from the pyrrolidone family that had been shown to induce non-competitive inhibition of rat hydroxymethylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase activity in vitro [31].
  • Chitosan-polyvinyl pyrrolidone hydrogel does not activate macrophages: potentials for transplantation applications [32].

Gene context of Pyrrolidon


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pyrrolidon


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