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Iodine-129 in thyroid and urine in Ukraine and Denmark.

Human thyroids collected from Gomel in Belarus, sheep thyroid from Jutland and human urine from Zealand in Denmark were analysed for 129I and 127I concentrations. The ratios of 129I/127I in human thyroid in Gomel are 2.65-11.0 x 10(-9) with an average of 7.21 x 10(-9), which is one order of magnitude higher than those from Asia and South America (10(-10)), but significantly lower than those observed in west Europe (10(-8)). A weak negative correlation (P < 0.05) between 129I/127I ratio in human thyroid and the age of the subjects was observed in Gomel. The average ratio of 129I/127I in sheep thyroids from Jutland of Denmark is 1.81 x 10(-7), which is two orders of magnitude higher than those in south hemisphere, and Asia. It is also significantly higher than those observed in other west European countries before 1984 and that in human thyroid in Gomel. The high thyroid 129I level in Jutland is attributed to the release of reprocessing plants in France and UK. The 129I/127I ratios in human urine in Zealand of Denmark are 0.86-2.86 x 10(-8). The possibility of using urine 129I to evaluate the thyroid exposure to 129I is investigated.[1]


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