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Spirituality and complex partial epileptic-like signs.

Using a sample of 262 undergraduate volunteers, correlational and regressional analyses were completed to examine the relation of self-reported complex partial epileptic-like signs to a five-dimensional model of spirituality assessed by the Expressions of Spirituality Inventory. Analyses show that spirituality is significantly predictive of Complex Partial Epileptic-like Signs. Scores from subscales Paranormal Beliefs, Experiential/Phenomenological Dimension, and Existential Well-being uniquely accounted for significant portions of Complex Partial Epileptic-like Signs variance. ESI Cognitive Orientation Toward Spirituality significantly correlated with Complex Partial Epileptic-like Signs but it was not a significant predictor in regression analyses. ESI Religiousness was unrelated to Complex Partial Epileptic-like Signs in all analyses. This pattern of relations remained largely the same when participants' age, sex, and reported religious involvement were controlled. The paper includes a discussion of the meaning of the findings and suggestions for research.[1]


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