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Regression Analysis

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Disease relevance of Regression Analysis


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Chemical compound and disease context of Regression Analysis


Biological context of Regression Analysis


Anatomical context of Regression Analysis


Associations of Regression Analysis with chemical compounds

  • Multiple regression analyses that included height and weight showed that only small-bowel length and the rate of clearance from plasma were independently related to the required oral dose of cyclosporine [31].
  • Regression analysis indicated increased sensitivity of vasopressin osmoreceptors in the older group, although this difference was not statistically significant [32].
  • Multiple regression analysis of these changes indicates that increased plasma HDL levels occur when plasma triglyceride level is decreased, cigarette smoking is reduced, and habitual alcohol intake is increased [33].
  • The correlation between calcium intake (range, 260-2,035 mg/d) and rate of change in BMD was not significant at the midradius (r = 0.06) or lumbar spine (r = 0.08), even after adjusting for age, menopausal status, and serum estrogen levels by multiple regression analysis [34].
  • By regression analysis, after adjustment for ethnicity, there was a significant dose-response relationship between cotinine and the number of cigarettes smoked per day by the mother, both in the children (partial r2 = .23; P = .01) and in the mothers (partial r2 = .22; P = .01) [35].

Gene context of Regression Analysis

  • The logrank test and proportional hazards regression analysis were used to calculate the probability that EGFR and TGF-alpha levels were associated with disease-free survival (i.e., no recurrence of cancer) and cause-specific survival (i.e., patients do not die of their disease) [36].
  • In multivariate regression analysis, S100A4 expression emerged as a highly significant independent parameter (P < 0.001) with the highest relative-risk factor among other covariates [37].
  • In multivariate regression analysis, the only independent predictors of relapse-free survival (RFS) were VEGF, uPA, and lymph node status [38].
  • Cox regression analyses demonstrated that COX-2 expression was the strongest predictor of outcome, independent of all other variables [39].
  • Univariate Kaplan-Meier analysis and multivariate Cox proportional hazard regression analysis adjusted for standard prognostic indicators were performed to assess the prognostic relevance of CEACAM1 expression [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Regression Analysis


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