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Disease relevance of Spirituality


High impact information on Spirituality

  • CONCLUSION: Spirituality may facilitate emotional adjustment and resilience in people with RA by experiencing more positive feelings and attending to positive elements of their lives [3].
  • Impact of spirituality and religiousness on outcomes in patients with ALS [4].
  • In multivariable models, RS scores were significantly associated with sexual orientation, PCS scores, MCS scores, symptoms, and spirituality (adjusted R = 0.61); TTO with symptoms and spirituality (adjusted R = 0.23); and SG with infection type, PCS scores, and symptoms (adjusted R = 0.24) [5].
  • Lastly I will illustrate from the writings of two of our greatest poets, Dante Alighieri and William Wordsworth, how their poetry became interwoven with a profound spirituality [6].
  • OBJECTIVE: To answer the call for the implementation of spirituality into medical school curriculum,(1) UMKC-School of Medicine has incorporated experiential spirituality instruction into the third year of a six-year combined BA-MD degree program [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of Spirituality

  • The intervention included a vegan diet, moderate physical exercise, stress management and spirituality enhancement sessions, group support, and exclusion of tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine [8].
  • Three components of the McGill-Melzack Pain Questionnaire were significantly higher for the nonexpressed spirituality group: Affective Dimension, Pain Rating Index, and Number of Words Chosen [9].
  • The current study investigated gender effects on the influence of self-reported religiosity and spirituality on cardiovascular and cortisol responses to a laboratory stressor among young adults [10].
  • Hypothalamic digoxin, hemispheric chemical dominance, and spirituality [11].
  • More than 80% of respondents supported increased use of research-based innovations, 12-step/traditional approaches, and spirituality in addiction treatment, while only 39% and 34%, respectively, endorsed the increased use of naltrexone and methadone maintenance [12].

Biological context of Spirituality


Gene context of Spirituality

  • Commentary on McSherry W, Cash K & Ross L (2004) Meaning of spirituality: implications for nursing practice. Journal of Clinical Nursing 13, 934-941 [15].
  • PURPOSE: This study investigated differences between African American and White patients with cancer in their use of spirituality to cope with their cancer and examined the role of spiritual coping in preferences at end-of-life [16].
  • Commentary on Bash A (2004) Spirituality: the emperor's new clothes? Journal of Clinical Nursing 13, 11-16 [17].
  • Thorough and accurate medical information on POF, support of others, and spirituality were perceived as helpful in coping [18].
  • A postal survey, containing a questionnaire and covering letter, was distributed to 1029 ward-based nurses, of all grades, in a Large NHS Trust in an attempt to establish how nurses perceived spirituality and spiritual care [19].


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