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The Arabidopsis lue1 mutant defines a katanin p60 ortholog involved in hormonal control of microtubule orientation during cell growth.

The lue1 mutant was previously isolated in a bio-imaging screen for Arabidopsis mutants exhibiting inappropriate regulation of an AtGA20ox1 promoter-luciferase reporter fusion. Here we show that lue1 is allelic to fra2, bot1 and erh3, and encodes a truncated katanin-like microtubule-severing protein (AtKSS). Complementation of lue1 with the wild-type AtKSS gene restored both wild-type stature and luciferase reporter levels. Hormonal responses of lue1 to ethylene and gibberellins revealed inappropriate cortical microtubule reorientation during cell growth. Moreover, a fusion between the AtKSS protein and GFP decorated cortical microtubules. A yeast two-hybrid screen with AtKSS as the bait identified proteins related to those involved in microtubule processing, including a katanin p80 subunit and a kinesin ortholog. These results indicate that AtKSS is involved in microtubule dynamics in response to plant hormones.[1]


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