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p53RDL1 regulates p53-dependent apoptosis.

Although a number of targets for p53 have been reported, the mechanism of p53-dependent apoptosis still remains to be elucidated. Here we report a new p53 target-gene, designated p53RDL1 ( p53-regulated receptor for death and life; also termed UNC5B). The p53RDL1 gene product contains a cytoplasmic carboxy-terminal death domain that is highly homologous to rat Unc5H2, a dependence receptor involved in the regulation of apoptosis, as well as in axon guidance and migration of neural cells. We found that p53RDL1 mediated p53-dependent apoptosis. Conversely, when p53RDL1 interacted with its ligand, Netrin-1, p53-dependent apoptosis was blocked. Therefore, p53RDL1 seems to be a previously un-recognized target of p53 that may define a new pathway for p53-dependent apoptosis. We suggest that p53 might regulate the survival of damaged cells by balancing the regulation of Netrin-p53RDL1 signalling, and cell death through cleavage of p53RDL1 for apoptosis.[1]


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