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Gene Review

UNC5B  -  unc-5 homolog B (C. elegans)

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Netrin receptor UNC5B, P53RDL1, Protein unc-5 homolog 2, Protein unc-5 homolog B, UNC5H2, ...
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Disease relevance of UNC5B


High impact information on UNC5B

  • The p53RDL1 gene product contains a cytoplasmic carboxy-terminal death domain that is highly homologous to rat Unc5H2, a dependence receptor involved in the regulation of apoptosis, as well as in axon guidance and migration of neural cells [2].
  • Conversely, when p53RDL1 interacted with its ligand, Netrin-1, p53-dependent apoptosis was blocked [2].
  • Here, we show that UNC5H2 physically interacts with the serine/threonine kinase death-associated protein kinase (DAP-kinase) both in cell culture and in embryonic mouse brains [3].
  • The lossreduction of expression may be a crucial mechanism for tumorigenicity because the expression of UNC5H1, UNC5H2, or UNC5H3 inhibits tumor cell anchorage-independent growth and invasion [1].
  • The antimelanoma effect of IFN-gamma was also associated with the up-regulation of the proapoptotic dependence receptor UNC5H2 and the Wnt inhibitor Dkk-1 [4].

Biological context of UNC5B


Associations of UNC5B with chemical compounds

  • In particular, Semaphorin3E and its receptor plexinD1 in addition to the Netrin receptor UNC5B have recently been shown to direct endothelial tip cell navigation [7].

Regulatory relationships of UNC5B

  • UNC5H2-induced apoptosis depends on the interaction of the death domain at the C-terminus with the DAP-kinase death domain and caspase cleavage near the transmembrane region [8].


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