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Enhanced expression of uterine stathmin during the process of implantation and decidualization in rats.

We used the library subtraction technique to identify genes specifically expressed in the rat uterus during early pregnancy. One such gene was that for stathmin, a factor that is associated with tubulin binding and the destabilization of microtubules. Stathmin was expressed at higher levels in implantation sites than in interimplantation sites on d 6 and 7 of pregnancy; the levels on d 6 and 7 were higher in implantation sites than in the entire uterus on d 3-5 of pregnancy or in nonpregnant uteri. Intense expression of stathmin mRNA was primarily limited to the subluminal stromal cells at the implantation site. Expression was also detected in the decidual zones and was accentuated during the period of decidualization (d 7-12). In the delayed implantation pregnant rat model, uterine stathmin expression was low, but increased after implantation induced by administration of 17beta-estradiol to the progesterone-primed animal. Further, decidualization in the pseudopregnant rat, induced by intrauterine infusion of oil, enhanced stathmin expression. Stathmin expression clearly increases in the uterus when stimulated by embryo implantation and decidualization and may play a role in the early stages of pregnancy.[1]


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