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Sulfonic Acid-functionalized gold nanoparticles: a colloid-bound catalyst for soft lithographic application on self-assembled monolayers.

In this report, we present a new lithographic approach to prepare patterned surfaces. Self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) of the acid-labile trimethylsilyl ether (TMS-OC(11)H(22)S)(2) ( TMS adsorbate) was formed on gold. 5-Mercapto-2-benzimidazole sulfonic acid sodium salt (MBS-Na(+)) was used as a ligand for gold nanoparticles. These monolayer-protected gold colloids (MPCs) were transformed into the catalytically active H(+)-form by ion exchange. This colloid-bound catalyst hydrolyzed the TMS adsorbate (TMS-OC(11)H(22)S)(2) both in solution and when self-assembled on gold surfaces. Microcontact printing of the active colloid-bound catalyst on the preformed TMS SAM led to the deposition of the colloid onto the SAMs. After the catalyst nanoparticles were rinsed off, a patterned surface was created as shown by AFM.[1]


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