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Ion Exchange

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Disease relevance of Ion Exchange


Psychiatry related information on Ion Exchange


High impact information on Ion Exchange

  • The processing activity was partially purified by ion exchange chromatography and sucrose gradient sedimentation [7].
  • Upon fractionation of the postnuclear S100 by chromatography on ion exchange and gel filtration columns, the stimulatory activity copurifies with small ribonucleoprotein particles [8].
  • After ion-exchange chromatography or gel filtration of the conditioned media and measurement of MSA by 3H-thymidine incorporation or radioreceptor assay, MSA again was found in the 3A medium but not in the 3A2 or 61t media [9].
  • These remarkable dynamics of luminal [Ca2+] result from a fast and highly cooperative Ca2+/K+ ion-exchange process rather than from Ca2+ transport into the lumen [10].
  • Amino acid analysis by ion exchange chromatography is just as important an analytical tool in 1986 as it was in the late 1950s, when Moore and Stein first described an automated AAA instrument [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Ion Exchange


Biological context of Ion Exchange


Anatomical context of Ion Exchange


Associations of Ion Exchange with chemical compounds

  • Refined methods for separating PTC-amino acids on reverse phase columns may pose a challenge to traditional ion exchange techniques [27].
  • Secondary isotope effects were also observed on ion-exchange chromatography, 3H-labelled folates with 3H at the C-9 position eluting fractionally earlier than the corresponding unlabelled or [2-14C]folate from DEAE-cellulose, a behaviour similar to that reported earlier for isotopically labelled 2-aminopurine and several amino acids [28].
  • Conditioned media from cells grown with or without L-triiodothyronine (T3) were treated with an ion exchange resin to remove T3 and were tested for ability to stimulate the division of GH4C1 cells [29].
  • The purification of human C8 in milligram quantities from outdated human serum was achieved by ammonium sulfate precipitation (37.5-50% saturation) and ion exchange column chromatography employing CM-32 cellulose and QAE-Sephadex [30].
  • Excellent correlation of the distribution of Bb protein and cell-spreading activity was found upon purification of Bb by ion-exchange and molecular seive chromatography and alkaline polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis [31].

Gene context of Ion Exchange

  • Gel and ion-exchange chromatography permitted isolation of the SAA polymorphs in homogeneous form [32].
  • Further fractionation with an ion-exchange chromatography revealed Le(b)-positive MUC5AC glycoforms that differed in their receptor properties for different H. pylori strains [33].
  • In order to define the structure of the alpha and beta subunits generated in the lysosome, the alpha, beta a, and beta b polypeptides of hexosaminidase A and B were separated by a combination of molecular sieve and ion exchange high performance liquid chromatography, and amino-terminal sequences were determined [34].
  • Ion exchange by AtNHX1 was inhibited 70% by the amiloride analog ethylisopropyl-amiloride [35].
  • Herein, we show that ion exchange chromatography separates ARF from the major phospholipase D-stimulating cytosolic factor [36].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ion Exchange


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